The benefits of social media and an online presence.

Whether you’re the event coordinator or the volunteer, you have all the necessary skills to create a successful event. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done it before! And I’m here to prove it.

You got skills.

That’s right. Mad skills in everything you’d ever need to plan an event.

1.) Telephone Skills: Remember the last time you scheduled a doctor’s appointment? You got skills. I’m sure you called and politely told them exactly what you were calling for and agreed upon a time that would suit both of your schedules. Then, you recorded that time somewhere on a calendar, said thank you and politely said goodbye.

Those are event planning skills! Not only has life trained you to have a brief and productive conversation but it has also taught you manners and how to schedule your events.

2.) Scheduling Skills: At some point in your life you have had a day planner. Guess what? You got skills. Aside from just doctor’s appointments, you’ve probably recorded other important dates like weddings, deadlines, and even just coffee dates.

You already have the micromanaging skills needed to properly plan any event that could come your way!

3.) Customer Service Skills: Have you ever had a retail job? A food service job? Have you ever purchased anything ever in the span of your life? You got skills. You know how to successfully greet someone at your event and thank them for attending when they leave. You know how to ask questions and successfully answer the questions of others.

In short, you know how to interact with people, and that’s the key to event planning.

The moral of the story is that life prepares you for planning your event and you can easily tap into the skills you already have to make your event a success.

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