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Fundraising Basics

Fundraising Basics


Hey guys!

I created a small website which shares basic fundraising tips for both online and in-person. It also shares examples of possible fundraising events which have been successfully utilized by Delmarva Public Radio in the past.

Check it out!

Podcasting with Nonprofits

Have you tried podcasting? Here’s some great advice for nonprofits on fundraising.

How to Successfully Fundraise Using Twitter

Microblogging has taken social media by storm in recent years. If you’re up to date, this means your business, organization, or even athletic club probably has a Twitter to send immediate updates to customers, supporters, or participants. But why stop there?

Twitter can also be used to promote a successful online or in-person event by using easy public relations tips. Using previous blogs on the subject and my own personal knowledge of Twitter, I’ve gathered a list of the top tips for fundraising successfully on the site.


1.) Build a strong following.

Your message will only go as far as the people who hear it so make sure they’re listening. Garner followers by tweeting and retweeting relevant information to your cause so that like-minded individuals can find you. Don’t forget to include hash tags such as the name of your town, i.e. #Salisbury, #SalisburyAthletics, or your organizations area of interest, i.e. #nonprofit, #publicradio, #fundraising. Hash tags will allow people to find you but staying active on Twitter and posting thoughtful information will make them click the follow button.

2.) Make a clear call to action.

As with any public relations effort, be clear and concise with the message you are trying to send. Highlight the “why” and “how” of what you are trying to accomplish. For example if you are planning a fundraiser to benefit the local animal shelter, let supporters and donors know exactly where the profits will go, i.e. “All proceeds will go directly to purchasing supplies to feed and house locally abandoned animals.” Don’t forget to let them know why they should care about the cause or event! What is in it for them?

3.) Promotion.

Have you ever planned an event and then realized last-minute that the advertising flyers were never put up? Now imagine those flyers could have been available instantly on the internet or sent directly to everyone’s smart phones. That’s Twitter. It’s one of the best and free ways to promote your fundraising event and encourage support. The news feed moves so quickly that several times a day during your drive or before your event you could post updates on why they should support it and when it is taking place.

4.) Recognize volunteers and donors and keep supporters up to date.

Making supporters feel involved is the key to great public relations. Everyone wants to feel as if they are included or directly a part of the cause. Publicly thanking specific groups or individuals for their efforts will show others that you truly appreciate the help while making those individuals feel important. Tweeting pictures of volunteers working or participants setting up and preparing for your event will include followers in the process and gather their interest.

5.) Be personable!

Social media is about giving a face to your cause or showing followers that you have spunk and personality. You’re speaking to a new audience and generation, don’t be afraid to make jokes or respond playfully. The more likable you are as a Twitter user, the more followers will be willing to interact and successfully support your cause.

6.) Don’t lose your followers.

The event may be over but don’t hang up your Twitter towel just yet. Keep your followers engaged and stay active on the site. Maybe not as active as you were when building hype for your event but remain consistent. There is nothing worse than a family member who only shows up when they need money. If you’re going to be a part of the Twitter family, remain a part of the family and enjoy!


Twitter is for more than just meal updates and song lyrics. Twitter can successfully be used to plan a future event or fundraiser for you and I hope these tips help!

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