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I’ll Never Google Bing.

If the internet was the world, search engines would be the roads. And the traffic signs. And the maps. And the city hall full of records. And the tour guides. And well, you get the picture. Let’s just say search engines are extremely important when marketing an event, business, or idea online.

Everyone has a preference to their favorite search engine but mine would have to be Google. The aesthetics of the page comfort me because in my mind Google is what a search engine should look like, being that it was the first I ever saw. Though the Bing commercials are hilarious, they don’t do much to market the actual search engine to me.

Visually, Bing is much more colorful and has a lot happening on the home page while Google’s white space makes me think it’s more simple and capable. Bing apparently markets itself as a simpler “decision engine” because it separates results into categories and breaks down results based on what it believes you are looking for. The stubborn part of me doesn’t want this in a search engine. Not having to filter through unrelated content would be nice, but the greedy part of me wants to see everything that’s out there. I want to know that I’m not missing a single possible webpage, lead, or piece of research when I type my key words into the search bar. Would you rather your results be filtered for you or have them all at your fingertips?

To be honest, I have hardly ever used Bing. When Salisbury University computers have a quick search in the corner of Internet Explorer and it’s sponsored by Bing, I type the word Google into it, click the first link, and then type my actual search into Google’s search bar. Not once have I ever been accidentally routed to Google and typed in Bing. I recognize that this has a lot to do with me not wanting to change. But hey, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

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