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How To Organize A Video Game Tournament

COD online kills me. Literally.

Despite my failure at first person shooter games, Call of Duty has taken the world by storm. The release of Call of Duty: Ghosts on Tuesday presented sales exceeding $1 billion on the first day. Having attended several midnight release tournaments in the past, I can guarantee a lot of these sales spawned from tournaments that took place to generate buzz for the release.

To organize a large-scale tournament, you would need a way to register participants and monitor the games played, a venue to set up several screens and consoles, and advertising. So, in an effort to make this less complicated, let’s just plan one for you and your friends.

FIRST: Rent a projector or find the biggest screen you have and hook your system up to it. It’ll make for a much better gaming experience. If you plan on having several friends play, you may want to try to set up two different areas to play so that the tournament moves faster.

NEXT: Have a bracket like in the playoffs of any sport. As each round is played, fill in the name of each winner until there is only one man left standing. Or ya know, woman.

FINALLY: Give a prize to the tournament champion! If this was a professional tournament, everyone would have to pay a registration fee and you could use that to reimburse you for the prize. But in this case, I would say give something small like a Game Stop gift card. And of course, bragging rights!

The moral of the event-planning story is an event can be planned around any current event or cool trend. The release of Call of Duty: Ghosts is no different.

Plan your own tournament and let me know how it goes!

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